Green Gate works with people and organizations who are making the world a better place. We combine insightful strategy with award-winning design and marketing to tell stories that move our clients’ brands—and their missions—forward.

Our Mission

By connecting mission-driven organizations to the people and resources that support them, we have the opportunity to build up communities and promote positive change in the world.

Our Work

Marketing for us is more than a service, it’s a craft. When insightful strategy meets inspired design and storytelling, it creates authentic connections that have the power to transform society.

Our Team

We are insightful strategists, designers, and storytellers committed to promoting impact over profit. We believe in our clients’ work, and that belief comes through in ours.

Our Values


As a company, we are constantly evolving. With each new project we adapt, we learn, and we carry that wisdom with us into the next one. The work is never done, the problems are always new. This process is what excites us.


Albert Einstein once said that if he only had an hour to save the world, he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem, then 5 minutes solving it. We believe that while answers often change, the important questions remain relevant.


We work with organizations, and team members, whose values align with our own. This leads to more authentic relationships that benefit us all. We’re all working toward the same thing.


We set the bar high for our work, because quality matters. Quality work requires strategy, sensitivity, and storytelling. When you have all three it sparks an emotional connection that speaks to audiences and deepens a brand’s impact.


We believe that marketing at its best is about authentic connection. Our clients are already making an impact. Our work is about connecting them to the people, ideas, and resources they need to do more. With powerful stories and inspired design, we’re helping our clients help the world.




A strong brand builds trust with audiences, creates an emotional connection, and encourages deeper communications and engagement.



Without strategy, brands lack direction. An effective strategy ensures that content resonates, goals are met, and that the mission moves forward.



Campaigns help raise funds, grow awareness, and maintain engagement with supporters throughout the year.



Successful events strengthen organizations’ communities, rally support, and help raise vital funds to keep their missions moving.



Email, social media, web design, direct mail, print publications, annual reports… All of these should inform, inspire, and engage your audiences.

Our team

At Green Gate, we know that positive change begins at home. We share a commitment to impact and genuinely love the work that we do.

Katherine Branch

Katherine Branch

Founder & CEO

Danielle Botstein

Danielle Botstein

Executive Assistant

Christian Carrera

Christian Carrera

Director of Strategy

Nick Kimbro

Nick Kimbro


Emily Ann Lively

Emily Ann Lively

Account Manager

Anna Primrose

Anna Primrose

Account & Marketing Manager

Franky Huang

Franky Huang

Digital Marketing Coordinator


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